The producer

We often ask ourselves, what is the highest paid job in the film industry. One of those jobs is a job of a producer. The producer can be a writer or an investor or the idea man or even a manager. The producer can be even all of these mentioned above and all in one. In the film branch, the main or head producer is called the executive producer. He/her is responsible for each and every part or phase of making a film. Those phases include pre-production, production, and post-production. In pre-production, the job of a producer is to read scripts and decides which idea can be and will be implemented in the script. Writers, agents and directors are the brains behind those ideas. When the idea is chosen, the producer now has to raise and collect the money for the project.


After that, the producer needs to hire a screenwriter, director, production staff, art directors, casting directors and camera and lightning editors and crews. It is very important to stay in the budget and sometimes it’s not easy. To be honest, it is never easy because, after all that, the production and post-production are coming on schedule. Because of all those things, it is very tough to be a producer. It is, in fact, a great responsibility.


People who are in charge of overseeing the artistic vision of the movie are called directors. They are not a part of financial planning for the project unless they are producer-director types. The important part in pre-production is that the director works closely with the rest of the crew especially with screenwriter and the producer so that he could figure out what the best way to represent the script in a visual manner. If the director is an experienced one, he will have a set or a list of cinematographers, art directors, casting directors, cameramen and believe it or not, actors. The director has the final word or says even if the producer is scouting for a location or hiring. One of the jobs of a director is coaching of actors.


It is very important so that actors could do their best to read the script and express their emotions in those lines.


If you have preferences or you would like to become a producer or a director, bear in mind that it is a very stressful job and you need to be dedicated to those jobs because you will have a lot of money and a big responsibility.